Create a legacy by establishing a named gift or memorial sub-fund.

Nominate your preferred charities or causes for the Trustee to distribute to for many years to come. This can be a great way to share your philanthropic passion in life, or even to honour a loved one.

You can bequest money or an asset in your will to Queensland Gives. A bequest is when you give property (money or assets) at the time of your death. It is a good way to leave a lasting gift to a cause or charity and ensure your family name or that of a loved one is remembered for years to come.

Queensland Gives’ model of perpetual giving ensures your gift benefits your chosen cause for the long term. You can leave money or assets in your will by establishing a sub-fund, or you can nominate a preferred charity which has an established sub-fund within Queensland Gives. The funds are invested and the income earned each year continues to support your charity of choice after your lifetime.

Ask your solicitor or accountant to contact Queensland Gives or the nearest Public Trust Office to obtain the appropriate wording to be included in your Will to establish a sub-fund, or to give to charity through Queensland Gives.

The Public Trustee of Queensland offers a will making service that is free of charge to all Queenslanders. In special circumstances an ‘in home’ service is provided for those who are unable to attend the office.

To arrange a bequest, make an appointment with your solicitor or visit your local Public Trust Office.