Queensland Community Foundation launched our new brand name Queensland Gives on November 15 2023. Why did we feel the need to change our name?

Very few knew who we were. Or what we did. To better deliver our vision to inspire community giving in Queensland we have created a memorable brand that will connect the community and explain our purpose.

We’re Queensland’s largest community giving fund with over $132M in our trust. Last year we gave $4 and a half million to Queensland charities across the state through our grant program and distributions. This year it will be more than $5M.

Our impact is far reaching, across Queensland, across causes and communities. So if you know of a Queensland charity or organisation that need funding, or know of someone who’d be interested in
giving, please tell them about Queensland Gives.

Anyone can make a long-term difference to the lives of Queenslanders.
You can give where you live, give to causes close to your heart, or give to those Queensland charities who need it most.

Give where you live
Give Where you Live by naming the Queensland communities you want to support. Your generosity goes directly to local charities and community groups in your chosen region.

Give to the causes close to your heart
You can establish a Giving Fund in your own name, your company’s name, on behalf of a beloved friend or family member, or dedicate it to a
special cause or interest area. Creating or contributing to a Giving Fund provides long-term support to the causes you care about and ensures
your legacy lives on. Anyone can contribute to your Giving Fund, which builds over time and provides a lasting impact.

Give to Queenslanders who need it most
You can donate as a one-off or regularly into the General Fund (Queensland Community Fund), which is distributed to Queensland charities for
maximum impact. All donations are pooled together in one fund which means there’s more to grow and more to give. Every year, we support
over three hundred charitable organisations and identify where help is needed most.

All giving grows
No matter which way you choose to give, your donation grows over time. Under the Queensland Gives model, your donation is invested safely
and securely into a trust fund. The interest is then distributed to Queenslanders who need it most or to the specific causes close to your heart.
Your donation grows over time to leave a lasting benefit for generations to come.

Why Queensland Gives? Because Queensland cares.